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The right to clean air, water and a habitable earth

The Commons is one of the oldest legislative frameworks representing the rights of organized society in terms of its most basic needs for survival. However, it also carries historic ironies that have served to further ownership rights to natural resources, often resulting in limiting access to them by the community it was designed to represent. A well informed, connected and engaged public is well  provisioned for, however, by modern economic ‘Commons theory where ‘all members of society are given the rights to clean air and water, and a habitable earth’.

Rainwater Commons recognizes that rainwater is an under-credited natural resource that should be made accessible to community through responsible governance. Water is the center of life as we know it yet humankind seems intent on staying adrift from its environmental means. Investment into green infrastructure and sound land management practices at community level is crucial to reconnecting people with those basic life skills that will be necessary to adapt to a new and sometimes alarming environmental outlook.


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